Implants: What’s New?

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on May 31, 2016

I first started learning about dental implants in 1985, just about the very beginning of the Osseointegration era. Osseointegration is the professional word used to describe the process of new healthy bone cells growing onto the surface of the “artificial” root that is implanted into the bone. The early implants were made of smooth titanium…

A Mouthful of Aging Teeth?

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on August 2, 2012

As we age, the condition of our oral health is even more important. Although the mouth undergoes some change as we age, losing your teeth does not have to be one of them. Teeth can generally be kept for a lifetime given proper maintenance. Drinking tap water is beneficial for your teeth regardless of your…

Ways to Prevent Cavities and Decay

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on July 6, 2012

Preventative treatments & general dental checkups are definitely important in today’s oral health world. Tooth decay is a commonly seen problem that is easily stopped by basic knowledge of good oral upkeep. Many people have gone to the dentist to deal with a cavity, but understanding a few things about the teeth can stop you…

How does smoking affect the mouth?

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on June 12, 2012

Smoking is harmful to many parts of your body, but many people do not consider the effect it can have on Oral Health. Smoking can cause periodontal disease, delay healing of the mouth, and increases the risk of oral cancer. Additionally, it worsens bad breath, and the stains that accumulate from the tar are generally…

Diagnosing a toothache

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on February 24, 2012

One of the most common tooth issues, toothaches, have a wide variety of causes and treatments. Gum, jaw, and tooth pain are sometimes confused with each other, and without the help of a professional dentist they can be almost impossible to diagnose. However, in many cases where teeth are hurting or sensitive to liquids it…

Extraction of teeth and impaction

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on February 10, 2012

Normally found in four groups of three, molars are sometimes accompanied by up to four wisdom teeth, or extra molars. It is possible to have more than or less than four, but most often there is one wisdom tooth behind each row of molars. Wisdom teeth develop much later in life than other teeth, often…

Healthy teeth and gum nutrition

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on December 6, 2011

Keeping your teeth healthy requires basic dental hygiene, but there are a lot of vitamins and minerals that affect your oral health as well. In addition to brushing, flossing, and having regular general dental checkups, your diet should be varied enough to cover the basic nutritional needs of your teeth. Vitamins A, C, and D…

Tooth cleaning to remove tartar

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on November 28, 2011

On the surface of the teeth there is actually a complicated, harmless biosphere of various bacteria called a biofilm, or plaque. This biofilm is a diverse collection of bacteria colonies, which are attracted to the smooth surface of the teeth. In contrast to mostly all other parts of the body, the teeth do not shed…

Teeth grinding concerns

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on November 11, 2011

Teeth grinding, or Bruxism, is the clenching, grinding, or biting of your teeth. It can occur during the day or night, on purpose or more involuntarily. Commonly found in children, nighttime grinding and chewing on the teeth can cause sensitivity and wear on baby teeth; when adults grind their teeth, the damage is more serious….

Commuting to Dentists

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on July 15, 2011

Many different situations can arise where one’s normal routine dentist just doesn’t cut it any longer. Especially in remote areas where dentists may become scarce. Your normal dentist may move, or change fields, perhaps even retire. It may even be that there are no specialists, or the one that you need to see is a…