Implants: What’s New?

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on May 31, 2016

I first started learning about dental implants in 1985, just about the very beginning of the Osseointegration era. Osseointegration is the professional word used to describe the process of new healthy bone cells growing onto the surface of the “artificial” root that is implanted into the bone. The early implants were made of smooth titanium metal and required between 4 to 6 months of healing time to allow osseointegration to occur. After this healing period we fabricated the teeth that connected to the implants.

Over the last 30+ years, there have been many changes and enhancements to all aspects of the utilization of implants for the replacement of lost teeth. Improvement in the surface technology of the implants has been one of the most significant advances. Now we don’t have to wait nearly as long for osseointegration to occur because the bone grows more rapidly against the new surfaces. Additionally, there have also been noteworthy developments in our ability to promote new bone growth prior to implant placement as well as at the actual time of placement.

Keeping current with these advances has been a major aspect of my continuing education for all these years. I recently returned from San Diego, CA where I attended the annual meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration, the premier international organization devoted to education and development of the entire field of implant dentistry. I have been a member of the Academy since 1994. I am currently serving my seventh and final year on the Board of Directors. My participation with this organization has given me a unique opportunity to stay exposed to and to evaluate the cutting-edge research from around the world.

One of the principle areas of focus for this year’s meeting centered on the use of computer imaging to better visualize the bone and plan both the surgical and restorative care with greater precession. Even though I don’t perform the surgery to place the implants, I need to know what surgical factors to consider when planning the treatment. Some dentists do place their own implant surgery, but I have chosen to work with the most experienced surgeons so that you, the patient, get the very best service dentistry has to offer. All the surgeons I work with on a regular basis are active members in the Academy and place a high priority on maintaining their education at the highest level.

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