There’s Mercury in My Mouth? When to Choose Gold Fillings

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on July 15, 2011

A few decades ago, Mercury was the cheapest amalgam available, as it was the most effective in lifespan and maintenance. Other amalgams have become available and have less health risks involved. Gold fillings have recently become a more popular style amongst today’s population. Some people opt for silver as they don’t feel gold is sturdy enough, or can’t afford it. However, is there any necessity regarding which fillings to receive? Do they serve any purpose besides their flashy expensive shine, or the blend factor, or are they like putty and just there to fill holes? Take a look at this video to explore different amalgams.

Choosing which filling you wish to receive is a personal decision. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which one best fits your needs, and will look the best on you. One person may choose gold fillings because they love gold; another silver because it’s more affordable. Someone may even take a little bit of extra money to get porcelain veneers in order for it to blend in and not seem so obvious. Budget, time commitment, appearance and other considerations may play a big role in the decision. No matter what, the most important reason for deciding which to get should be your wants and desires.

With so many choices, making a decision can be extremely difficult. The variety may overwhelm you and paralyze your decision making process. What you should think of when getting an amalgam is the health of your teeth and your budget. Make sure it is what you want, and explore all the options that are available. Good luck!

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Dr. Segal and Dr. Rosenstein

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