The Truth Concerning Amalgams

Submitted by Aventura Dentists on July 15, 2011

What are amalgams? Who gets them? Why do we need them? What kinds are available? How long do they last? Are there any health risks? Take a look at the video below to get an overview on amalgams and what you should know considering the protection of your teeth.

A variety of techniques have risen over the years to achieve a cheap, affordable way of filling in cavities. When thinking of which to use, costs, side effects, and lifespan should be taken into consideration. In the past, Mercury used to be used on a regular basis, now gold fillers, porcelain veneers, silver and much, much more have taken over and become more common and desirable. New techniques and methods are provided to alleviate concerns of appearance, durability, costs, and treatment methods as well.

Maintaining your amalgams is important, as some filling treatments could have a shorter life span than expected. The best way to make the most informed decision is to speak with your dentist about which option is best for you. Consider costs, appearance, and minimal risks when making the decision. Remember that it is a personal choice, and ultimately up to you. Make your decision and make your smile more complete! Watching the video on amalgams should provide you with information you ought to know about your teeth.

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Dr. Segal and Dr. Rosenstein

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